Las Vegas Athletic Club members are some of Nevada's most exceptional consumers.

LVAC Members

Las Vegas Athletic Club members are some of Nevada’s most exceptional consumers. They travel, shop, work, and play like few demographic sub-groups. They are energetic in their endeavors, and there are 180,000 of them in Southern Nevada.

LVAC Member Demographics

Total Current Members: Nearly 200,000
Women: 51%
Men: 49%
Median Age: 36.5
Age Fact: 69% of LVAC members are between 25-54.
Median Income: 50% $50,000 / 20% $100,000
Club Visits: 3.5 times per week, 1.4 hours per visit

Lifestyle & Leisure

LVAC members are not the type to just sit at home. The following activities are regularly enjoyed by our members:

• Dining out • Nightclubbing
• Golf • Tennis
• Travel • Winter Sports
• Cycling • Cooking/Entertaining

Lifestyle / Habits *

Eat at restaurant at least once per week: 92%
Eat fast food at least once per week: 80%
Will travel or vacation at least once per year: 92%
Will attend at least one concert or sporting event every year: 92%
Go to the movies at least once per month: 91%
Visit a salon or day spa at least once per month: 81%
Visit a casino at least once per month: 88%
Visit a nightclub, lounge, or bar at least once per month: 76%
Are interested in concert or ticketing information: 73%
Are looking to buy a new car in the next year: 32%

Residential concentrations by Zip Code

A minimum of 7,000 members live in the following zip codes:
89014, 89146, 89147, 89149, 89117, 89102, 89121, 89074, 89123, 89108, 89109, 89134, 89103, 89044, 89128 & 89009-89011.