Studies show that people recall information more reliably when exercising.


Advertise to a captive, motivated audience.

LVAC-TV features thousands of today’s top music videos from the world’s most popular musical artists. Whether it’s Rock, Pop, Alternative or Hip-Hop LVAC-TV offers our members and guests a terrific form of entertainment and diversion during their exercise routine. Each LVAC location is outfitted with numerous wide screen TVs and dozens of personal viewing screens. Music breaks offer you the advertiser an ideal opportunity to reach this highly qualified, captive audience with your unique selling proposition.

Studies show that people recall information more reliably when exercising than when they are sedentary.

Total ad recall (recalled one or more ads) - 63%*
Average length of stay among visitors - 81.6 minutes (self reported)*

All Six Clubs 24x $7,475
All Six Clubs 18x $5,610
All Six Clubs 12x $4,115
Northwest 24x $1,960
Northwest 18x $1,470
Northwest 12x $1,180
Greenvalley 24x $1,960
Greenvalley 18x $1,470
Greenvalley 12x $1,180
Central 24x $880
Central 18x $660
Central 12x $490
West Sahara 24x $800
West Sahara 18x $600
West Sahara 12x $370
East Flamingo 24x $370
East Flamingo 18x $275
East Flamingo 12x $225

Spots per month:

12x per day = 360
18x per day = 540
24x per day = 720

Pricing subject to change.
Source: Nielsen Media Research, an independent surveying company*