LVAC Member Network

Our Member Network advertising program features a spectrum of diverse,proven methods for presenting your company’s products and services and attracting new clients. Strategic placement and eye-catching displays within heavy-traffic areas of each club keep your company information within easy sight and access of potential customers. Your company’s listing in the LVAC Member Network Directory ensures your company information will be placed directly in the hands of our members. Our Club Expos give you the opportunity to showcase your business to our members with a personal one on-one approach. TV spots shown on our own 24-hour network throughout the day with your logo and slogan keep your company’s name fresh in the minds of our members. Also, your company’s listing on the LVAC website with your logo, pertinent information, member specials, and a direct link to your website makes access to your company information easy and convenient even when your potential customers are away from the club. Advertising in the LVAC Member Network gets results!

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Monthly Rates $495 $795 $1095

LVAC Member Network Benefits:

  • Two reserved locations inside club for brochure placement
  • Listing on Member Network Sign at front of clubs
  • Listing on LVAC website
  • Monthly “Club Expo” table event
  • Company specific listing in LVAC “Save Big” directory
  • First rights to future locations
  • LVAC TV sponsor tag with your company logo and slogan

Pricing based on annual contract.